Annabel Mahoney

Annabel Mahoney

Poetry Contributor

Annabel Mahoney is a writer and essayist based in the UK. She has a degree in History and is working on her postgrad at University of Durham, specialising in touch and trauma in Edwardian literature in a quest to become at least 50% more unbearable. She has won numerous prizes from bodies such as the Human Rights Watch, The Literary Association and Forward Poetry.

Her debut collection Wyf-King, a trilingual collection (modern English, Middle English and Anglo-Saxon) about the early medieval Queens Consort and their relationship with power, motherhood and grief is scheduled for release in Spring 2019 by Lapwing Publications. She has been widely published, most recently in RECLAIM/RESIST Anthology, SOFTCARTEL, the Honest Ulsterman, VampCat, Riggwelter Press and Occulum Journal.

Annabel is the Editor in Chief and the Wellington Street Review and the Creative Director of Royal Rose Magazine.

You can find her tweeting into the abyss at @Annabel_Mahoney

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