Who can submit to Nightingale & Sparrow?

We welcome submissions from all voices, both emerging and established.  Whether you’re a student or otherwise just starting out or you’ve been publishing for years, we would be honoured to consider your submission!

Additionally, we welcome any and all marginalized voices to submit their work for consideration.

What can I send you? 

Nightingale & Sparrow accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and photography. Each issue has a theme (Issue II is renaissance) but these themes can be taken as metaphorically as necessarily. Please review our submissions guidelines for more information and deadlines.

Note:  we are not currently accepting submissions of non-photography visual art, book reviews, or other genres outside of those explicitly stated.  If you’ve taken a creative approach to one of those, though, (like a haibun, combining CNF & poetry, or a visual poem), that’s fine!

Will being well-known or friends with a staff member help me get published in Nightingale & Sparrow?

Unless explicitly solicited, all submissions are considered apart from their creator (once otherwise accepted, a piece may be denied publication if its creator is deemed harmful to the community). This is why it is important that all submissions be free of identifying information–we intend to publish work based only on its quality, not the reputation or connections of its author.

Why didn’t you respond to my submission?

Firstly, please ensure that your submission has followed our guidelines. While small mistakes are inevitable, we may choose not to respond to submissions that blatantly disregard our guidelines.

Secondly, have you waited the anticipated response time (always posted on the submissions page)? We very well may just be a bit behind–double-check that we haven’t posted an update here or on social media.

If your submission definitely meets our guidelines and the given response time has passed, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email! We’re human (and technology is technology), so it’s possible that your submission got lost in the shuffle or the depths of our inbox.

Do you have a print copy of your issues?

We do publish print copies of our issues, available on Amazon.

At this time, we aren’t able to offer complimentary contributors’ copies.

What’s the deal with micropoems?

In the days leading up to our publishing a new issue, we feature a series of tweet-sized poems across social media.  We open micropoem submissions via a form (not our standard submission email) for about two weeks soon after decisions have been made for the issue itself.

From these poems, we create graphics and share one per day for about two weeks before the issue’s launch.  These pieces are published exclusively on our social media and linked to the website in the issue’s web archive–they aren’t a part of the issue, but share its theme and are a great way to get involved with N&S!

As online exclusives, micropoems are also eligible to be nominated for the Best of the Net anthology, unlike pieces in the issue!

Are you on social media?

Yes! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why haven’t you replied to my email yet?

We’re proud to maintain a relatively short response time for acknowledging submissions, answering questions, and answering other emails. Still, our staff work with Nightingale & Sparrow on a volunteer basis—we all have “day jobs,” families, pets, et cetera.  With the rare exception of extenuating circumstances, we respond to all emails within 3-4 days; please be patient with us if it’s only been a day or two!

If it’s been 5 days or longer and you haven’t heard from us (and we haven’t posted here or on Twitter about a delay), please do reach out–technology does like to rebel from time to time!

Can I join your team or read for your next issue?

Nightingale & Sparrow is currently looking for a few new volunteer team members!  Learn more here.

Which came first, the poem or the title?

Believe it or not, the title of the magazine came before the poem, “Nightingale and Sparrow!” I’ve felt the most at home with poetry for a long time, and so in developing descriptions for our fledgeling publication, a poem just felt right. The lines from Romeo and Juliet and “Little Sparrow,” however, served to inspire both the magazine’s title and the poem. We’ve included all three on our home page to help you get a glimpse into what we’re all about.  

Note: we own neither Romeo and Juliet nor “Little Sparrow.”  All rights belong to the appropriate parties.