Join Our Team!

Nightingale & Sparrow is looking to add some more birds to our nest!

Full disclosure:  These are unpaid, remote, volunteer positions.

While we’re generating some income from print and merchandise sales, we’re not yet making the profit necessary to bring on paid staff or writers—we’re continuing to grow, though, and hope that we’ll be able to change this in the not-so-distant future!

Applications will be open 13 – 20 November (11:59 pm EST).

As N&S continues to grow, our current team hopes to grow along with it!  To help make sure that the magazine and press continue to run smoothly and can keep showcasing the stellar work of our contributors going forward, we’re looking for an assortment of enthusiastic volunteer team members to join our “nest.”

Wanted:  One (1) Associate Production Manager, Two (2) Editorial Assistants, One (1) Social Media Manager, One (1) Poetry Editor

We’re also seeking to add new members to our launch team, particularly interviewers!

Associate Production Managers (Magazine)

Associate Production Managers will work in tandem with our existing production managers to compile the print, digital, and web archive copies of each issue of Nightingale & Sparrow, run plagiarism checks on shortlisted pieces, and do minor proofreading tasks and style guide application where necessary. In the event that either production manager needs to step away for an issue, the APMs should be able to ensure the issue still runs smoothly in terms of uploads, plagiarism checks, etc.

Currently, this position will work almost exclusively in the magazine side of N&S but may expand to N&S Press in the future. 

Editorial Assistants (Press, Magazine)

The editorial assistants’ primary tasks are communicating with submitters and helping with edits as necessary.  EAs will acknowledge submissions, send responses (including shortlist notifications and final decisions), verify that submissions guidelines are being followed, and ensure contributors are up to date on each issue of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine.

Social Media Manager (Press, Magazine)

The social media managers for Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine and for N&S Press will be primarily tasked with creating and scheduling social media content. Those in these positions will work on content related to Nightingale & Sparrow and Vociferous Press. These will include: submissions calls, announcements of accepted and new projects, cover reveals, excerpts, calls for blurbs and reviews, etc.

The social media managers will be welcome to utilise their scheduling program(s) of choice, and are, of course, welcome to reach out to our existing social media manager or EIC for recommendations!

Poetry Editor (Magazine)

Section editors for Nightingale & Sparrow are responsible for editing accepted pieces in that genre and applying contributor revisions to the final proof of the issue.  Though final input falls to the editor-in-chief, section editors are frequently asked to share their opinions on pieces for the issue and for special projects, such as the Micropoets Top 10 microchapbook.

For all positions:

We promise to not take over your life with crazy expectations or excessive workload—we understand that these are unpaid volunteer positions and would never want to take advantage of you.

For the magazine, there will be the most work in the weeks leading up to each issue’s launch (usually the first two weeks of every third month), and there will also be much slower periods.  For N&S Press, work will be a bit more spread out, with our next submissions period opening in January.

We’d love to work with someone who is looking for more experience in the writing/publishing field and would be more than happy to provide references/recommendations for your future endeavours.  We’ve been around the block a few times ourselves with various projects and would be thrilled to help start someone off on their own journey!

We also offer the N&S Press Staff Series as another way to give back to our team.  Twice a year, we reserve a slot in our publication schedule for any projects submitted by members of the Nightingale & Sparrow staff.

Skills/Experience we’d love to see For these Positions:

*Note: This is by no means a checklist!  We don’t expect you to know/have done everything here.  Consider this our ultimate wishlist and highlight what you’ve got while applying—we ultimately want the best candidate for our team as a whole, not just whoever’s got the highest skill level or the most experience. Most of these skills apply to all of these positions, though some will be more relevant than others

  • Strong writing skills
  • Some copyediting experience
  • Experience using word processors for formatting, especially with images
  • Knowledge of Google Suite, Trello, Slack, and Airtable
  • Prior lit mag experience (again, not necessary, though beneficial)
  • Effective virtual communication skills
  • Confidence both in working as part of a team and on your own as needed (remember- this is a remote position)

To apply:

Firstly, be sure to read through this page and take a look around our site—if you think you’d be a great fit, continue! 🙂

Send a copy of your resume to [email protected].  Specify which position you’re interested in the subject line, ie “Poetry Editor Application.” In the email, include a cover letter, particularly highlighting why you’d like to join the team and what skills/experience make you a good fit (here’s your chance to brag a little!). If you have any short writing samples/examples of previous projects that you’d like us to see, send them along.  Add a cute pet picture if you’re feeling extra generous.

Of course, please feel free to send any questions to our EIC via the same email.

We’ll be accepting applications for these positions through 20 November (11:59 pm EST).  From there, we’ll send some additional questions to our shortlist if necessary, with decisions coming shortly thereafter.

Thank you so much for considering joining our team—the birds can’t wait to meet you!