2019 Chapbook Longlist

Despite being open for just two weeks, we were absolutely blown away by the interest in our chapbook submissions for 2019-2020 publication. In total, we received 68 manuscripts, with over two thousand pages of material!

We are so grateful to each and every author who sent in their work—compiling this list was made incredibly difficult by the quality of each and every manuscript.

Manuscripts were reviewed without identifying information, so it was especially exciting to find that a few of our former contributors were the authors behind these works—and even more so to discover several names that are entirely new to us here at N&S!

From the following manuscripts, we’ll create our shortlist of 10-15 chapbooks before choosing our final selections, which will be published by Nightingale & Sparrow Press between December 2019 and December 2020.

The Longlist

A Daughter for Mr. Spider – Megan Russo

All the Shades of Grief – Ellora Sutton

Animal Magic – Lynn White

Cemetery Music – Birdy Odell

Dichotomy – Mikhayla Robinson

Everything We Are Not – Sable R

Ghost Tapestry – Merril D. Smith

Gravity – Lynne Schmidt

Heal My Way Home – Rachel Tanner

heartbeats – Sarah Little

It All Started When the Challenger Exploded – Shannon Greenstein

Neon Ghosts – Alan Parry

once more – Briony Collins

one night stand – Paul Robert Mullen and Robynne Limoges

Pandora – Mollie Williamson

Red Rover, Red Lover – Preston Smith

Self – Sam Jowett

Singing the Earth Awake – Margaret Royall

Space Open Wide as Wishes – Kristin Ferragut

Summertime Fine – Jason B. Crawford

The Gull and the Bell Tower – Kari A. Flickinger

The Ocean’s Only Word – Lee Potts

The Rent Eats First – Eric Sirota

The Uncertainty of Light – Alana Saltz

Then It Changed – Devon Marsh

Shadows on Porcelain – Elizabeth Kemball

Wandering Womb – Morgan Russell

weightless – Constance Schultz

What Lasts Beyond the Burning – A. A. Parr

…And That Has Made All The Difference – K.T. Slattery