Juliette SebockJuliette Sebock

Founding Editor (she/her)

Juliette Sebock (she/her) is a Best of the Net-nominated poet and writer and the author of Mistakes Were Made (2017), Micro (2019), How My Cat Saved My Life and Other Poems (2019), Plight of the Pangolin (2020), Three Words (2020) and Boleyn (2020), with work forthcoming or appearing in a wide variety of publications. Currently, she is working on a variety of personal and freelance projects. When she isn’t writing (and sometimes when she is), Juliette can be found with a cup of coffee and her cat, Fitz. Juliette can be reached via her website or across social media.



Marcelle NewboldMarcelle Newbold

Managing Editor

Marcelle Newbold loves poetry as a way of exploring inner spaces, place, and inheritance. Her poems have been published in magazines, and in recent anthologies by Wild Pressed Books and Maytree Press. She lives in Cardiff, Wales, where she trained as an architect.


mollie williamsonMollie Williamson

Head Prose Editor (she/her)

Mollie Williamson attended Saint Mary’s College of California double majoring in Art History and Women’s Studies in 2013. She then received her Master’s in Women’s Studies from the University of Alabama in 2014. Mollie enjoys writing stories based on fairy tales and mythology. Her work has been featured in The Pinkley Press, Toho Journal, Nightingale & Sparrow, White Wall Review, HerStry, Nymphs Publications, and Nitrogen House among others.


Alina MelnikAlina Melnik

Head Curator

Alina Melnik is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. She loves literature and art and enjoys exploring how the two can intersect.


Rebecca YongRebecca Yong

Head Poetry Editor

Rebecca is a student from Singapore. She loves reading, writing, and discovering music to add to her playlists. When she’s not busy studying, she enjoys art, dancing, and exploring new places.


Miracle Harris

Poetry Editor

Miracle is a student attending college who has an interest in poetry.


Prithiva SharmaPrithiva Sharma

Poetry Editor

Prithiva is a poet in the making. She is an editor at Teen Belle Mag, a blog contributor at Intersections Lit Mag and a columnist at Headcanon Mag. She has a special love for villanelles and horror movies. Her work, which has appeared in Lihaaf journal, Wellington Street Review, Vagabond City Lit and The Confessionalist Zine, among others, can be found at and she writes frequently on at Instagram @prithuwu.


Mialise CarneyMialise Carney

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Mialise Carney (@mialisec) is a writer and MFA student at California State University, Fresno. She is also an editor at The Normal School, and her writing has appeared in Hobart, Brevity Blog, and Atlas and Alice, among others. Read more of her work at


Fija CallaghanFija Callaghan

Fiction Editor (she/her)

Fija Callaghan is a storyteller who writes poetry, love letters, and fiction that can be found in a range of literary journals and magazines in print and across the web. You might see her sitting in a café with a notebook, sunning on the docks of the Portobello Canal, or looking out at the sea and wondering what it would be like to have fins.


Scout RouxScout Roux

Fiction Editor

Scout Roux is a Wisconsin writer of fiction and poetry. Their work can be found in Wild Roof Journal, Passengers Journal, and Barstow & Grand, among others. They live a quiet life of pancake flipping and transcription with their partner and two cats. Tweets @scoutroux



Megan RussoMegan Russo

Chief Production Manager

Megan Russo resides in Austin, TX with her husband and their two pugs. When she’s not writing or designing, she lives for micromanaging her two Animal Crossing islands and playing all the Destiny her poor eyes can take. Her first chapbook, A Daughter for Mr. Spider, was published as part of the Nightingale & Sparrow Staff Series.


Heather GrahamHeather Graham

Production Manager (she/they)

Heather Graham is a writer, poet, and student at the University of Utah where she studies Writing And Rhetoric and Gender Studies. She works as a Writing Consultant for the Salt Lake Community College Student Writing and Reading Center, Assignment Editor for the SLCC Globe newspaper, and Assistant Copy Chief and Arts writer for the University of Utah Daily Chronicle. She has also worked as Literary Editor and Design Editor for the award-winning SLCC Literary Magazine and founded the SLCC Lavender Journal. Heather’s work has been published under the pen name H.E. Grahame in The Bitchin Kitsch, Turnpike, Variety Pack, 3 Moon, and Gnashing Teeth. Her writing has won SLCC’s Chapbook contest in 2015 (memoir) and 2019 (poetry) and has been nominated for a Pushcart Award.


Social Media

Angelina Hope Angelina Hope

Social Media Strategist

Angelina Hope is a twenty-two-year-old English major undergraduate in their last year at college in hopes of becoming an author. Their favorite activities involve writing, sewing, exercising, reading, and sketching. They have two cats that they adore to high heavens.


Ayva KunesAyva Kunes

Social Media Strategist

Ayva Valentine Kunes is a writer, photographer, and reluctant philosopher. She’s a native of Pennsylvania but is planning her escape for the next few years as she pursues a career in law.



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