Juliette SebockJuliette Sebock

Founding Editor (she/her)

Juliette Sebock (she/her) is a Best of the Net-nominated poet and writer and the author of Mistakes Were Made (2017), Micro (2019), How My Cat Saved My Life and Other Poems (2019), Plight of the Pangolin (2020), Three Words (2020) and Boleyn (2020), with work forthcoming or appearing in a wide variety of publications. Currently, she is working on a variety of personal and freelance projects. When she isn’t writing (and sometimes when she is), Juliette can be found with a cup of coffee and her cat, Fitz. Juliette can be reached via her website ( or across social media (@juliettesebock).



Marcelle NewboldMarcelle Newbold

Managing Editor

Marcelle Newbold’s poetry explores place and inheritance. Bridport Prize shortlisted, Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net nominated,  her poems have been published by Ink Sweat & Tears, Iamb poetBlack Bough Poetry,  Icefloe Press,  Indigo Dreams and more. Marcelle lives in Cardiff, Wales where she trained as an architect. @marcellenewbold


Alina MelnikAlina Melnik

Head Curator

Alina Melnik is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. She loves literature and art and enjoys exploring how the two can intersect.


Rebecca Yong

Head Poetry Editor

Rebecca Yong is a Singaporean student. She loves reading, writing, and good music. When she’s not busy studying, she enjoys art, dancing, and exploring new places.


Paige LalainPaige Lalain

Head CNF Editor

Paige Lalain is a Best of the Net-nominated essayist and professional editor based in Michigan’s thumb. She has a degree in creative writing with a specialization in literary nonfiction from Oakland University. A Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) practitioner, Paige has guest lectured in a master’s program and held workshops with people in the U.S. and abroad. Paige’s passion is helping others write, reflect on, take pride in, and make peace with their personal narratives.


Fija Callaghan

Head Fiction Editor 

Fija Callaghan is a storyteller who writes poetry, love letters, and fiction that can be found in a range of literary journals and magazines in print and across the web. You might see her sitting in a café with a notebook, sunning on the docks of the Portobello Canal, or looking out at the sea and wondering what it would be like to have fins.


Scout RouxScout Roux

Fiction Editor

Scout Roux is a Wisconsin writer of fiction and poetry. Their work can be found in Wild Roof Journal, Passengers Journal, and Barstow & Grand, among others. They live a quiet life of pancake flipping and transcription with their partner and two cats. Tweets @scoutroux



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