About Us

Founded in December 2018 by Juliette Sebock, Nightingale & Sparrow is a literary magazine and small press featuring poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and photography.

Nightingale and Sparrow aims to soar through written and visual arts. We want to publish work that takes the earthly and makes it ethereal. Send us your deepest thoughts, most poignant memories, and flights of fancy.


Submission Withdrawals/Queries: [email protected]

Editorial: [email protected]
Marcelle Newbold, Managing Editor

Production: [email protected]
Megan Russo, Chief Production Manager

Juliette Sebock, Founding Editor: [email protected]

Please note that submissions must be sent via our submissions form—any work sent by email will be disregarded.

As much as our staff loves to talk about all things N&S, please refrain from messaging our masthead on their personal accounts (email, social media, etc) about any official N&S matters—using our official email accounts or DMs allows us to keep our records straight!


Nightingale & Sparrow requests only first-time and archival rights for accepted pieces. Nightingale & Sparrow does not accept previously published work. Rights revert to the author upon publication, but we do ask that you credit Nightingale & Sparrow in any future publications.

Nightingale & Sparrow reserves the right to archive pieces on our website as well as in digital or print copies of relevant issues, unless removal is requested by the author. If a piece is considered for further publication (as in a “best of” anthology or another project), its author will always be contacted for permission.

Nightingale & Sparrow reserves the right to remove any piece that is not aligned with the N&S mission/ethos (ie abusive creators).

Plagiarism Policy

By sending us work, the submitter ensures that all pieces sent to us for consideration is their own.

Nightingale & Sparrow does not tolerate plagiarism in any form. Should a published piece be suspected of being the intellectual property of anyone besides who has submitted it, it will be promptly removed from the Nightingale & Sparrow site and the submitter in question will not be permitted to submit to Nightingale & Sparrow again. In this event, the affected party (the creator who has been plagiarized) is automatically welcome to submit a replacement piece.

Nightingale & Sparrow is not legally responsible should a plagiarized piece be mistakenly published. However, we will take swift action to remedy the situation as much as possible (see above) should a plagiarism situation occur.