Update: Reproductive Rights Anthology

Hello from Vociferous Press!

As you may know, we’ve had a reproductive rights anthology planned for quite some time. Some wonderful submitters have trusted us with their work and we’ve truly loved considering each piece.

Like so many, though, 2020 hit us pretty hard. For our team, it’s been largely a struggle to stay afloat personally, much less in volunteer endeavours like this. As a result, the project’s largely gotten pushed to the backburner—and for that, we apologise.

We’re incredibly passionate about this cause and excited to share that we’re finally getting back on track with the anthology. We are currently finalising decisions with responses heading to our submitters as soon as possible. From there, we’ll be preparing a proof copy of the book for contributors to review in early May, with the final anthology launching on 26 July.

We can’t know what’s still to come in 2021, but we fully intend to prioritise this project as much as possible. We’re so grateful to the submitters who’ve been so incredibly patient with us over the past months and are excited to showcase some incredible work this summer!

As always, thank you. We couldn’t do the work we do without submitters/contributors, readers, and others supporting us and N&S as a whole.

Project Curators: Juliette Sebock and Lynne Schmidt

reproductive rights anthology