juliette-sebockJuliette Sebock

Editor-In-Chief and Founder

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Juliette Sebock is a Best of the Net-nominated poet and writer and the author of Mistakes Were Made (2017), Micro (2019), and Boleyn (forthcoming, 2020), with work forthcoming or appearing in a wide variety of publications.

She is the founding editor of Nightingale & Sparrow, runs a lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste, and is a regular contributor with Marías at Sampaguitas, Royal Rose, and Memoir Mixtapes. Currently, she is working on a variety of personal and freelance projects.

When she isn’t writing (and sometimes when she is), Juliette can be found with a cup of coffee and her cat, Fitz.

Juliette can be reached at her website or across social media.

miracle-harrisMiracle Harris

Poetry Editor

Miracle Harris is a young woman living in the United States of America. She will turn eighteen on the 28th of August. Miracle enjoys reading poetry. Miracle recently became a reader for Teen Belle Mag. Miracle is enrolled at Indiana University Southeast.


prithiva-sharmaPrithiva Sharma

Poetry Editor

Prithiva Sharma is a student from India, currently learning her words all over again.  She is an editor for Teen Belle Magazine, a reader for Marias at Sampaguitas, and a blog columnist for Headcanon Magazine. She was also a regular visual art contributor at Rose Quartz Magazine. She writes poetry and dissects everything and everything.  When she is not doing either of these things, you can find her arguing about how fanfiction is a legit literary genre, and getting passionately worked up about all things Marvel. She has a penchant for shipping OTPs that aren’t canon.
Her work has previously appeared in Esthesia Mag, Rose Quartz Magazine, Royal Rose, Vagabond City, Lihaaf Journal and Wellington Street Review, among others. You can find her work through: or you can connect with her on Twitter or Instagram, @prithiwaah

maialise-carneyMialise Carney

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Mialise Carney (@maialisec) is a Boston area writer. She graduated from Bridgewater State University, where she worked as editor in chief of The Bridge for two years. Her fiction has appeared in Sagebrush Review, Menacing Hedge, and is forthcoming in Atlas and Alice. When she isn’t pretending to write, she’s hard at work preparing her application to become a full-time hermit.

dani-holwayDani Holway

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Dani is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of North Texas. Now a published writer and photographer, acclaimed actress, and produced playwright, she moved to Chicago in August of 2018 to further her artistic education and to continue her pursuit of the world’s most delicious pizza. You can find some of her creative nonfiction and poetry in Barren Magazine, MookyChick, and Silk + Smoke. Most importantly, she is mom to the best dog ever, Marty McFly.

scout-rouxScout Roux

Fiction Editor

Scout (@scoutroux) is a writer from the Milwaukee area. They attended college for English Literature in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where they first worked as an editor for NOTA (None of the Above). Their short stories and poetry have found grateful homes in the pages of Furrow Magazine, The Allegheny Review, and Barstow & Grand among others. They live with their fiancee, their cat, and pet parrot, dreaming of a vegetable patch to one day call their own.

mollie-williamsonMollie Williamson

Fiction Editor

Mollie Williamson is a writer based in the Bay Area of California.  She attended Saint Mary’s College of California double majoring in Art History and Women’s Studies in 2013.  Mollie then received her master’s in Women’s Studies from the University of Alabama in 2014.  She enjoys writing stories based on fairy tales and mythology.  Her work has been featured in The Pinkley Press, Toho Journal, and Nightingale & Sparrow with forthcoming work in various publications.  When not writing, you can find her drinking endless amounts of jasmine tea and possibly planning her next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

emma-easyEmma Easy

Production Manager

Emma Easy writes poetry and non-fiction and lives in Cornwall, UK. She studied Writing, Nature and Place at the University of Exeter. She was shortlisted for the 2013 Earthlines Essay Prize and has work forthcoming in Lighthouse Journal and Rust + Moth.


megan-russoMegan Russo

Production Manager

Megan Russo is a writer and designer currently living in Austin, TX. She attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in Studio Arts with a focus in Printmaking. Her work has been published by Cauldron Anthology, Palm Sized Press, Royal Rose Literary Magazine, and Pussy Magic Magazine. Her forthcoming chap-book, A Daughter for Mr. Spider, will be published as part of the staff series by Nightingale & Sparrow Press in the Spring of 2020. Check out more by Megan at or on Twitter @forgewithstyle.

holley-cornettoHolley Cornetto

Associate Production Manager

Holley Cornetto was born and raised in Alabama, but now lives in New Jersey. She is a librarian by day, and a writer by night. Her fiction is forthcoming in Flash Fiction Magazine.

katy-makKathy Mak

Associate Production Manager

Kathy Mak is an occasional writer and artist. Her poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared/are forthcoming in The /tƐmz/ReviewMarías at SampaguitasKissing Dynamite, and What You Need To Know About Me Anthology. Her creative nonfiction has been nominated for Best of the Net. She writes to reflect on her experiences and to explore.

melissa-ramosMelissa Ramos

Associate Production Manager

Melissa Ramos is a writer, proofreader, and aspiring authoress living in Florida. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Tampa, and her work has appeared in Luna Luna Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, and Siren’s Call Publications. When she isn’t reading fairy tales or ghost stories, she can be found in Starbucks sipping her favorite latte and working on her first novel.

ayva-kunesAyva Kunes

Social Media Manager
Ayva Kunes is a junior creative writing major at Susquehanna University. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family and the four-legged lights of her life, Sophie and Badger. When she is not reading or writing, she also dabbles in photography.

rachel-tannerRachel Tanner

Social Media Manager
Rachel Tanner is an Alabamian writer whose work has appeared in Peach Mag, Longleaf Review, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere. She tweets @rickit.


kimberly-wolkensKimberly Wolkens

Social Media Manager

Kimberly Wolkens is a Marketing Coordinator by day and an author of short stories and poems by night.  She enjoys being a part of the review team for Ginger Nuts of Horror.  Kimberly devotes her spare time to reading and reviewing horror books, playing around on the piano, or rustic camping. She lives with her husband in beautiful rural Michigan.  Tweets @up_north_h1ke