Dark Is My Light by Adwaita Das

coming december 2022

Dark Is My Light
by Adwaita Das

Publication Date: 5 December 2023
Nightingale & Sparrow Press

Genre: Poetry

This collection of poetry is a journey of mental health. Comprising sixty pieces of free verse, it is sequenced in three parts, “Clown People”, “Not Home” and “Sea Me”. The poet shares their inner selves with the reader, like they would to a friend or those beloved. They flail, float, flow, sink, then resurface, gasping for air, desperate to survive the choppy waters of life and one’s own fluidity.

At a time, when expressing emotions has been a sign of weakness, poems can speak the truth. In a place, where accepting oneself had been a social impossibility, one could still sing of dreams. Thus our words unite the world, as in revolution, so too in tranquility.

“Clown People” is a rollercoaster of love, companionship, sensual and sexual intrigue riding on the cosmic-human body mind-soul. “Not Home” swims between fear and hope, slices of soothing thoughts in between burning anxiety. “Sea Me” arches towards self-growth, recognising this movement, reaching for ease. This book is an attempt at healing. A beginning of the calm within.

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About the Author

Adwaita Das is the author of Colours of Shadow, a novella and short fiction collection, as well as two books of poetry, 27 Stitches and Songs of Sanity. Adwaita’s art features in Young Mental Health: Mindscape Series, Divine Darkness: Black Bough Poetry, and Brown Bodies: The Rights Collective, amongst other publications and illustrated series. A global speaker and creative facilitator for inclusive and innovative mental healthcare, Adwaita applies sound and imagery to address trauma and share peace.

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