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Nightingale & Sparrow Press

Nightingale & Sparrow Press is the publishing branch of Nightingale & Sparrow.

Microchapbook Submissions will be open January 2021.

Full-Length Submissions will be open May 2021.

Chapbook Submissions will be open August 2021.

Vociferous Press

Vociferous Press

Vociferous Press is an imprint of Nightingale & Sparrow Press that focuses on activism and charity publications that aim to give a strong, loud voice to those who’ve been silenced, including the Screaming from the Silence anthology.

Our Reproductive Rights anthology will be published in 2021. Our next project will be announced soon, with submissions opening in February 2021.


Chickling Press - logo

Chickling Press

Chickling Press is the children’s publishing imprint of Nightingale & Sparrow, bringing books into the world for and/or by kids.

Submission timelines and other information soon to come.

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