Screaming from the Silence Anthology


Published: Vociferous Press

Publication Date:  January 2020

Genre: Poetry, Prose, Visual Art

Though there are lots of projects published and forthcoming that give a much-needed voice to those affected by sexual violence, and many do accept anonymous pieces, there isn’t a space specifically for those who aren’t comfortable sharing their name alongside their stories, for whatever reason.  The Screaming from the Silence anthology hopes to fill that gap and provide that space for poets, writers, and artists.

Screaming from the Silence consists of three sections:

Stanzas from the Silence – poetry

Stories from the Silence – prose

Sketches from the Silence – visual art

Submissions open 1 August – 1 November

Submissions for Screaming from the Silence will be open from 1 August through 1 November, using EST times.  Any pieces sent outside of these dates will not be considered. If a substantial amount of pieces are received prior to this date, submissions may be closed earlier—should that be the case, prompt advance notice will be given.

Submission emails will be seen only by our EIC and will be held in the strictest confidence—emails will only be used to communicate regarding your submission status and, if accepted, information on the anthology throughout the publication process.  You are welcome to create an anonymous/pseudonymous email account to submit if you are more comfortable doing so.

Each submitter may send up to three poems, two stories/essays, and/or five art pieces. Submitters may submit to multiple genres (in separate emails) and more than one piece may be selected for publication.

While there is no payment for inclusion in this anthology, we will be submitting a portion of the profits from Screaming from the Silence to a like-minded charity.

What are we looking for in a submission?

Of course, we want to accept well-written/created work.  But, beyond that, we want to create a safe space in which survivors can share their words without fear—of judgement, of retribution, of anything beyond expressing your emotions and experiences.  Writing and visual art has long been utilised as therapeutic and we want contributors to be able to do just that with their submission.

As these pieces will be published with complete anonymity, you should feel free to be as raw as necessary in telling your story through these works—unless you tell them, no one will know your piece was created by you.  Have you written a piece about your experience and tucked it away, telling yourself it will never see the light of day?  Here’s your chance to share it anyway. Want to create a piece with the anthology in mind?  Go ahead—take advantage of this anonymity.

We will consider previously published work, though previously unpublished pieces will have a better chance of acceptance.  If your piece has appeared elsewhere, please make a note in both your submission email and within your document.

To submit:

To submit work to Screaming from the Silence, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Screaming from the Silence Submission – [Genre].”

Attach your pieces, each in a separate file, preferably as .doc/.docx for written pieces and .png or .jpg for visual.  We prefer 12 pt. Garamond, but this not required.  As these are anonymous, please be sure no that no identifying information appears on the documents.

In the body of your email, include a short note of some kind—we don’t need a full-fledged cover letter, but please do acknowledge that there are human beings on the other side of the inbox.

Response times will depend on how many submissions are received, but we aim to have decisions made within one month of the closing of submissions (in this case, 1 December).  Should this change, we’ll update this page and our social media pages accordingly.  And, whatever our response should be, we want to thank you for submitting—while we can’t accept every piece sent our way, we know how difficult this subject matter can be and the bravery it takes to submit.  Thank you for trusting us with your work!