2020 Microchapbook Longlist

Despite being open for just two weeks, we were absolutely blown away by the interest in our microchapbook submissions for 2020-2021 publication. We were worried that the formatting might be too restrictive for many prospective submitters (and it certainly did trip up a few along the way), but we were thrilled to have plenty to read.  In total, we received 70 manuscripts, with nearly 750 pages of material!

We are so grateful to each and every author who sent in their work—compiling this list was made incredibly difficult by the quality of each and every manuscript.

Manuscripts were reviewed without identifying information, so it was especially exciting to find that a few of our former contributors were the authors behind these works—and even more so to discover several names that are entirely new to us here at N&S!

From the following manuscripts, we’ll create our shortlist of 12 microchapbooks before choosing our final selections, which will be published by Nightingale & Sparrow Press between March 2020 and January 2021.

The Longlist

A letter from your sheets // if your sheets could speak – Elizabeth Kemball

Bouquet of Fears – Noa Covo

Cold Feet Scars – Rene Mullen

dizzy – Grace Sullivan

echoes – Heather Parker

ephemeral – Samantha Rose

Flickering Light Post – Nicky Gutierrez

Let Fall, Like Dreams Beloved – M. Shayne Bell

Love – Jaundré van Breda

My Friend, Grief – Cat Woodbury

Mythweaver – Madison Zehmer

Natalie – Keana Aguila Labra

Night-Split Dreams & the Green-Eyed Fly – W. E. Pasquini

Oddbody – May Chong

Queer Girl Falls – Lannie Stabile

Re-WILDing – Eliot North

She Flocks Away – Leona Wilde

the time when I – Tia Haynes

The Book of Likes – Heather Sweeney

The Other Side of the Fence – Hibah Shabkhez

Tripping Up the Stairs – Richard-Yves Sitoski

Tryst – Eileen Farrelly

Vincent – Paul Brookes

Winterlunes – Rachel B. Baxter