What Lasts Beyond the Burning by A. A. Parr

What Lasts Beyond the Burning
by A. A. Parr

Publication Date: 15 December 2020
Nightingale & Sparrow Press

Genre: Poetry

What Lasts Beyond the Burning is an exploration of one woman’s journey away from violence, away from a life dictated by deceit and manipulation, away from everything she once thought she knew.
At times gritty and blunt, and others caressing and lyrical, this book chronicles a year in the life of a woman searching for a place called home. Through a variety of free verse formats and building to a refined crescendo, the poems offer a meditation on how to be free, on how to live after leaving.

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About the Author


A. A. Parr is a Canadian artist, writer and entrepreneur. She holds a Specialised Honours BFA from York University in Theatre Creative Ensemble and Playwriting, with a double minor in Psychology and Cultural Studies, and is a certified Life Strategies Coach. Her creative works have been seen on stages, in galleries, and in print throughout North America over the past two decades. Currently, she is working on her second literary fiction novel while writing a weekly online series of poetry about strangers – while raising her own two beautiful little artists. In her work, she seeks to explore difficult themes in an attempt to shine a necessary light into our darkest crevices.