geeky and the beast

geeky and the beast

Jasmine Arch

i wonder
what the gods
were thinking

when they matched
my love and me

he watches sports
on tv
while I cradle
a book
in my lap

he spends hours
punching buttons
on a game controller

and i don’t hear
a single
of his virtual gunshots

bombs could go off
on the screen
or in the room

i would be
none the wiser
as i get lost
in rabbit holes
of my own devising

words tumbling
from my brain
over my fingers
onto a blank page

he shakes his head
and i can almost
hear his thoughts

did i end up
marrying such a geek

don’t get me wrong
i love
every inch of ink
on his skin
the body
that wears khaki
so well
the mind i can make
neither head nor tail of

my mouth will run dry
and my legs turn to jelly
at the merest
of his kisses

polar opposites
that’s what we are

they probably thought
it would be funny

but when we stare
at each other’s jokes
like a mime
at a stand-up comedian

the question
is no longer
what they were thinking
but rather what they were drinking
and why
on earth
they didn’t share it with me

Jasmine Arch