2020 Full-Length Shortlist

This past spring, N&S opened for full-length manuscript submissions. Despite the chaos across the globe, we were thrilled to receive thousands of pages of poetry and other genres to consider for 2021-2022 publication.

We are so grateful to each and every author who sent in their work—compiling this list was made incredibly difficult by the quality of each and every manuscript. With every batch of submissions we receive, we’re faced with the inevitable heartbreak of having to turn away work that speaks to us. We truly wish we could accept all of the below titles and more!

As always, manuscripts were reviewed without identifying information, so it was especially exciting to find that a few of our former contributors were the authors behind these works—and even more so to discover several names that are entirely new to us here at N&S!

From the following manuscripts, we’ll choose our final selections which will be published by Nightingale & Sparrow Press through 2022.

The Shortlist

Larkspur Queen and Other Songs – Megan Leonard

Life is But a Moment in Time – Essie Dee

Maybe Birds Would Carry It Away – Christopher Woods

Mothership – Emily Uduwana

Out of Time – Aiden Heung

River Ghosts – Merril D. Smith

Sea Me – Adwaita Das

STRANGERS IN LOVE – Rebecca Ruth Gould

Too Much World, Not Enough Chocolate – Peggy Landsman

We Could Be Lovers – Kim Malinowski