Author Statement: Gravity by Lynne Schmidt

Dear Reader,

When I was in the process of coming back together after a traumatic relationship, I met someone. For a moment, it was like everything in the universe had come together for this second – for time to stop, our eyes to lock, and then everything went back into motion.

For a long while, I believed in magic because of him. I believed in Taylor Swift songs. I believed above all things that he was like super glue and could fix me, even as he told me all the reasons I wasn’t right for him. He was the gravity keeping me on the earth, causing me to look forward to whatever is going to happen tomorrow. My hands would sweat any time I heard his voice because he was this mythical unicorn that I could never catch. I knew the entire time we would never end up together. But that didn’t mean my heart listened.

This collection was put together because at the end of the relationship, and even now, there was so much left unsaid and my heart wasn’t done talking. The words needed somewhere to go and they wound up here.

So, Dear Reader, this collection is for you – for anyone who has had their heart broken, healed, broken again, only to find that you were the one capable of reassembling yourself.

Please, remember what you’re worth, what you deserve, and never settle for anything less.

All my love,