Letter from the Editor – Poetry Issue

Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader, 

Thank you for picking up our latest issue of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine! This is our fourteenth issue and, as has become the norm over the past several years, was not brought about without its share of strife.

This quarterly theme is one that holds a special place in my heart. Poetry is where I got my own start in the literary world (feel free to check out Mistakes Were Made at your favourite bookseller for a trip in that Delorean). Poetry is the form I turn to when life is at its darkest and at its brightest. poetry, then, has to be something special. 

For this issue, we provided the following prompt: “…send us your poems, prose, and visual art masterpieces with poetic qualities. Bring us rhythm, rhyme, and sonnets turned into stories. Transform couplets into cross-stitch, stanzas into sculptures, or poems into paintings. Show just how interdisciplinary your favourite form can be.” With a bit of clarification to ensure we received submissions from our other genres, this theme slowly came to life. 

From “With the Birds Again” by Alexander Etheridge and “An autistic reflects on friendship with trees, lakes, and certain birds” by Margaret King to Amanda McLeod’s “Languages Where Green And Blue Are One Colour” and Karen Pierce Gonzalez’s “Enchanted Forest,” you’ll find poetry both literal and figurative within these pages. 

As always, our most sincere thanks to the N&S team, our submitters and contributors, readers, customers, and other supporters who make all things Nightingale & Sparrow possible. 

Enjoy these moments of poetry

Juliette Sebock

Editor-in-Chief, Nightingale & Sparrow