Letter from the Editor Starlight Issue

Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader, 

starlight is the sixteenth issue of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine, and our final issue of 2022. As we put together this autumnal edition, it’s hard not to look back on the year and all we’ve had to be grateful for.

For instance, we had the opportunity to review some beautiful work for this issue. In our call for submissions, we prompted submitters with the following: “What do you see when you look up at the night sky? From astrology and lullabies to planetariums and Taylor Swift lyrics, we want to see your poems, stories, essays, and art that come face-to-face with the cosmos. Give us space; give us skies; give us starlight.”

The pages that follow bring this imagery to life. From the constellations of “Centaur, firing an arrow” by Indu Parvathi and Rachel Coyne’s “Star Giants” on this issue’s cover to Jenny Wong’s tale of “The Night Gardener,” there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the shooting star that is starlight.

With this issue and beyond, I and the N&S team are so thankful for our contributors, readers, customers, and other supporters who let us bring a new issue to life with each changing season.

We hope you enjoy—and we’re so excited to see what 2023 will bring.

Juliette Sebock

Editor-in-Chief, Nightingale & Sparrow