Sky of Your Influence

Sky of Your Influence

Angela Acosta

Ernesto Giménez Cabellero is at it again,
his telescope always pointed towards Saturn
and his eager lunar brethren.

In 1927 he drew a whole universe of Spanish literature with
nascent nebulas spelling acrostics of esteemed men
as Perez de Ayala’s comet bursts through the sky.

Constellations chart the course of literary trajectories,
the magazines strung out like ticker tape parades
of influence, viewed through a telescope (15 céntimos per view).

There must be a place for you, femme and fair,
wedged between Ortega y Gasset and Menéndez Pidal
like the goddess Ceres in the asteroid belt providing artistic nourishment.

Ascend the observatory and take in more of the sky,
beyond the bright suns of Juan Ramón, Unamuno.
Dare we keep reciting their names?

Carmen Conde, ever the prolific writer,
settles into worm holes, jumping between lifetimes
into more welcoming futures for her, Amanda Junquera, and the cats.

All the young charges at the Residence of Señoritas
travel via spaceship, no longer bound by lightyears
of misogyny and yet to be realized dreams.

The prose and verse of “las Sinsombrero” shuttles between worlds,
precious sunbeams of resilience and tenacity
shining on the vanguard of aspiring artists.

The constellations of herstory move with the seasons,
the breezes of archival discoveries and news coverage,
a whole universe finally within her grasp.


Angela Acosta