Letter from the Editor Sakura Issue

Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader

Welcome to the enchanting world of sakura! As we unveil our latest issue of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine, we invite you to immerse yourself in a realm of delicate beauty and ephemeral wonders. It is with great joy that we present our eighteenth issue, marking yet another milestone in our journey.

For this issue, we asked writers to capture the essence of sakura—the pink and white world where everything feels delicate and fleeting. We sought stories “about a moment of fleeting beauty, a memory that lingers like the sweet scent of sakura.” And oh, dear readers, the responses we received were nothing short of breathtaking.

Within these pages, you will discover tales that encapsulate fleeting beauty, moments that leave an indelible mark on our souls. Love and loss intertwine in narratives that resonate deeply, while quiet realizations about the passage of time gently unfold. Our talented contributors have masterfully harnessed the power of sakura to transport you to a realm where beauty and transience coexist.

As you delve into the tender tapestry of words and emotions we’ve curated for you, you will encounter mesmerizing pieces such as “At the Edge of Hope” by Kersten Christianson, “Sweet Sorrow” by Jennifer Geisinger, and “Seattle Sunrise” by Lindsay Pucci. These captivating works invite you to reflect on the fragile nature of existence and the profound impact of fleeting moments.

Before bidding you farewell, we would be remiss not to express our gratitude to those who have helped bring this issue to fruition. Each contribution, whether through submitting their work, supporting us behind the scenes, or simply being a devoted reader, is invaluable. Nightingale & Sparrow continues to thrive because of the unwavering dedication and passion of our global community of creators.

Wishing you moments of ephemeral joy through sakura and beyond.

Juliette Sebock

Editor-in-Chief, Nightingale & Sparrow